Thursday, October 23, 2008

Upside down, again

Once again, my world has flipped upside down.  My babe is crawling.  Not scootching, not rolling, not inching across the floor, bit by tiny bit.  No, she's crawling, and life will never be the same again!  

Oh, I remember when Bub was this age-- I was so desperate for him to reach every new milestone; it was so exciting!  But I've learned with each successive child... the stationary stage is very wonderful! You plop your little one down on a play mat in the middle of the room with oodles of toys and then walk away for a moment to change the laundry or feed the dog, and lo and behold, when you re-enter the room, your wee babe is right where you left her.  But no, not anymore... because now that Lolli is moving, she'll never enjoy confinement again.

So this weekend I have a project-- baby proof my home for the fourth time.  Little hands are on the move and they take no prisoners.  My large peace lily is already shredded on one side where her little paws have stripped it clean.  The remote control has survived her slobbery mouth thus far, but who knows how much longer it will endure such torture.  My lamp cords are way too accessible and my computer cords are way too tempting... no need for broken fixtures and certainly no need for trauma to my wee one.

So off we go on a new adventure.  Lolli is mobile and loving every second of it (the dogs, however, are not quite so sure)...

Oh, and for the record: she's not launching forth "selfishly"...  in exchange for mobility, she has generously relinquished her hold on my night time hours.  Yes, after 8 and a half months, Lolli is finally sleeping through the night.  Hallelujah!


60 toes said...

Enjoy, I am right behind you in the baby proofing. :)

Thankfully Sarah has been sleeping through the night for months but God knew I couldn't handle much more with move, cross country drive, etc.

Enjoy your sleep!

Katie said...

Goodness...she is such a cutie pie!! :) She'll be driving before you know it!