Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Old Mine Ranch

This morning we took a trip to Old Mine Ranch, a hands-on family ranch located in Dumfries, Virginia.  Gramoggie went with us (we're so glad you came, Mog!) and we all had a wonderful time, playing for hours in the beautiful sunshine.  The kiddos got to do all sorts of neat things-- they took a hay ride and they fed the animals, they bounced in the moon bounce and they slid down the slides (over and over and over again!), they painted pumpkins and they climbed on the tractors; they ate a yummy lunch, thanks to their generous aunt, and they collected peacock feathers as souvenirs; they even played a bit of soccer before we crawled back in to the van--exhausted-- for our drive home. 

Here are a few snapshots of our day:

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