Monday, October 20, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Two boys.
Sixteen races.
Sixteen amazing results.

Seconds: dropped.
Records: shattered.
Personal goals: achieved.

Two boys-- fighters to the very end-- gave everything they had and walked away victorious.
I could not be more proud!


Angelina in Louisiana said...

Congratulations, boys! Sounds like a great meet.

Thanks, Heather, for the encouragement about swimming. It really started out just as an activity for the off-season of Baseball, but my son has really taken to it. I can see how good it is for him on so many different levels.

Happy Monday to you too.

Katie said...

I remember when I use to swim!! I bet the boys were awesome! It takes a lot of dedication to be a swimmer! Congrats guys!

Beth said...


Your comment really touched my heart. Thanks for sharing that. I love the last photo and the different perspective you put on it.

Did you know that in almost all of your pictures you are using the "law of thirds"? It's when the main subject is not in the middle of the shot.

Great Pics!