Friday, October 17, 2008

The big swim

For weeks now Bub and Noh-man have been preparing diligently for their first big competition of the year... the Fall Festival Swim Meet. Between Saturday and Sunday they'll each swim in 8 individual events, ranging from the 25m butterfly to the 200m freestyle.  Both boys are very well prepared and both are sitting on pins and needles in anticipation-- they love to compete in the pool (and anywhere else, truth be told)!  Of course we'll all be there, cheering them on, hoping for new "personal bests."  With each race, we're careful to remind the boys that their placement in each event is not what matters; in swimming, they're always racing against themselves, against the clock, against their previous best time, and their goal every time they get in the water is to swim faster than the time before.

It's funny-- Hubby and I (and Grandmom and Pops, too) are just as excited as Bub and Noh-man... we all love watching them swim!  And even more than that, we love seeing the look of satisfaction cross their faces when they finish a race and know they've given it their all...

So... in anticipation of the big event, the other kids decided they wanted in on the action and willingly (ha!) posed for a few pics. Here they are:

the candy girl

the big man, swim cap and all

the young whipper-snapper

and the matriarch-- 
what an agreeable bunch!

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