Thursday, October 25, 2012


Once again, I'm in denial.
It generally happens this time every year...
as the colors of fall begin to blanket the ground, 
and Christmas goodies begin to line the store shelves.
The swiftness with which the season is passing is mind-boggling at best!

So in my attempt to hold on to autumn for a little bit longer, 
I'll attach a few pre-autumn photos. 
Perhaps that way I can delude myself in to thinking that 
Thanksgiving is NOT only four weeks away!


A teddy bear is a faithful friend
You can pick him up at either end.
His fur is the colour of breakfast toast, 
And he's always there when you need him most.

Monday, October 15, 2012

1000 Gifts: In the woods

It's always a treat to head to the mountains... 
to my parents' home, nestled nicely in the woods.

The escape from our crazy-hectic pace is itself a lovely gift!
Add to that sweetness a neat, neat family--
our dinner companions on Saturday evening--
and I am filled.
Grateful beyond words. Compelled to count once again.

For His amazing gifts-- for all His goodness-- I give thanks.

Godly friends-- their journey & ours in the making.
Their beautiful, beautiful babes-- both adopted from China-- healed & whole, 
and loved beyond measure.
Insight & advice, counsel & excitement
Their desire to help & encourage
Contagious delight!
Child laughter, fast friends
A cozy table, the generosity of all
The anticipation of all to come
Time to play
And weather that beckoned us out-of-doors
Target practice & leaves to crunch
Logs to straddle, fallen trees to climb
 The great wide open
And the wonderful world of boys
All with my folks...
My mom and my dad.

"Not to us, O LORD, but to Your name give glory,
for the sake of Your steadfast love and Your faithfulness!"
Psalm 115:1

To be continued...

Friday, October 5, 2012

When this boy doesn't want to read...

... a creative reading nook will generally make all the difference :)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


because yesterday afternoon, our dossier
left the main office of America World Adoption
in McLean, Virigina...


and is now en route to China!


  By next week, it should land on the other side of the globe,
 and well before the month's end, it should be registered with
the China Center for Children's Welfare and Adoption.


 Shortly thereafter, the CCCWA will share our log-in info with America World,
and the great folks there will officially begin searching for our daughter!!!


and most worthy of praise;
His greatness no one can fathom.
Psalm 145:3 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Open Water

Smith Mountain Lake Open Water Swim
September 29, 2012
3.1 miles 
Air: 64 degrees
 Water: 75 degrees
Bub's first open wwater swim.
Bring. it. on.

Chris had to work on Saturday (due to end-of-the-fiscal-year chaos), 
and my Mom was committed to an all-day conference at church,
so it was just Pops & I who hopped in the van (with my three little ones in tow)
 to journey south and cheer for Bub!

At the starting line, the swimmers waded waist-deep into the water
to await the crack of the gun.
Once the official fired that no-turning-back-now shot,
they all launched forth, and the real battle began!
No walls.  No flip turns.  Just repetitive forward motion.
For three. grueling. miles.

Thankfully, Bub is much like the Energizer bunny-- he just keeps going & going & going.
As a result, he wasn't too overwhelmed by the course.
 Excited? Yes.
Nervous? A bit.
Ready to hit the water?  You better believe it.

With the help of some binoculars and the zoom lens on my camera,
we were able to keep track of Bub in spurts & snippets.

And thanks to this pier,
we were able to get a bird's-eye view of the swimmers as they raced past.  
Each time, we were able to find Bub in the pack...

(below, in the very middle of the photo :

...but then we'd lose him and have to wait until he passed our way once again.

After three full laps around the 1 mile loop,
 Bub rounded the last buoy and made his grand exit from the lake.
The finish line in sight, he dashed up the beach...
#97 was finally done.  

After 1 hour and 8 minutes...
Near the very top of the pack...

As for next year, he says he'll definitely participate again.
And I think... I think... Chris & Noh-man are planning to join him. 
They're hoping to compete in the 1-mile race, though... 
until the next year when they ALL swim the 3-miler!

As for me, I think I'll stay on shore with my camera :)