Monday, October 1, 2012

Open Water

Smith Mountain Lake Open Water Swim
September 29, 2012
3.1 miles 
Air: 64 degrees
 Water: 75 degrees
Bub's first open wwater swim.
Bring. it. on.

Chris had to work on Saturday (due to end-of-the-fiscal-year chaos), 
and my Mom was committed to an all-day conference at church,
so it was just Pops & I who hopped in the van (with my three little ones in tow)
 to journey south and cheer for Bub!

At the starting line, the swimmers waded waist-deep into the water
to await the crack of the gun.
Once the official fired that no-turning-back-now shot,
they all launched forth, and the real battle began!
No walls.  No flip turns.  Just repetitive forward motion.
For three. grueling. miles.

Thankfully, Bub is much like the Energizer bunny-- he just keeps going & going & going.
As a result, he wasn't too overwhelmed by the course.
 Excited? Yes.
Nervous? A bit.
Ready to hit the water?  You better believe it.

With the help of some binoculars and the zoom lens on my camera,
we were able to keep track of Bub in spurts & snippets.

And thanks to this pier,
we were able to get a bird's-eye view of the swimmers as they raced past.  
Each time, we were able to find Bub in the pack...

(below, in the very middle of the photo :

...but then we'd lose him and have to wait until he passed our way once again.

After three full laps around the 1 mile loop,
 Bub rounded the last buoy and made his grand exit from the lake.
The finish line in sight, he dashed up the beach...
#97 was finally done.  

After 1 hour and 8 minutes...
Near the very top of the pack...

As for next year, he says he'll definitely participate again.
And I think... I think... Chris & Noh-man are planning to join him. 
They're hoping to compete in the 1-mile race, though... 
until the next year when they ALL swim the 3-miler!

As for me, I think I'll stay on shore with my camera :)


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!!!


60 toes said...

How fun, Our kids have done a 1 and 2 mile race up in Annapolis every September, this year the current and waves were STRONG. Loads of fun. So proud of him.

Laura said...

Amazing job, Ben! I bet he didn't miss those flip turns one bit. :) Catherine and Heather like to swim the length of the lake in NH but it's only 1 mile and I think it might take them almost that long. :) Love your pictures!

Laura said...

I believe I just set a record myself! Have you ever seen a comment from me at 6:42 AM? ;) baby steps!

Kellie said...

It's always fun to try something new, and especially to do so well at it! Congratulations to your young man!

gretchen said...

Congrats Bubs!!!! We love you - way to go!!!! Awesome job! a bit different swimming in open water! lol <3 you guys!