Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stribling Orchard

Every fall, we take a trip out to Stribling Orchard.

Family owned for over 200 years, 
the orchard boasts a wonderful assortment of seasonal deliciousness.

Today, we stuffed our bags (and our bellies)... 

I think an applie pie is on the menu for the weekend!

Or maybe we'll try pumpkin instead :)


Anonymous said...

What a fun time!!! You couldn't have asked for a prettier day, could you? Why not 2 pies?

Corrie Avila said...

Just found your blog post about Stribling Orchard. My family visited this past september as well and had such a good time too! Your photographs were a pleasure to look at and it looks like your family really enjoyed themselves. I also blogged about my visit if you wanted to check it out:

Have a great weekend!