Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Bub!

Today, my baby is 10 years old.
Ten years old!!  How did that happen??
It seems like just yesterday...

Of course, Bub isn't my "baby"--
he's actually my first-born.  
But to me he'll always be that darling 7 lb 15 oz bundle of joy who forced me to work hard-- really hard-- before he'd let me see his precious face and cradle his tiny form in my arms.

Oh, it's with such mixed emotion that I face this day...  
On the one hand, I could not be more proud of my 10 year old little man and I simply cannot imagine loving him more.
On the other... my boy is growing up.  
And, though that's what our LORD intended when He blessed Hubby and me with children, it's not always an easy pill to swallow~

Oh, Bub--
you are a treasure and
I love you more than words can say! 

Happy 10th Birthday!


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Bub! :)

gretchen said...

happy birthday!!!! we love you! jeremy, gretchen, josh, sam, & shiloh