Friday, October 31, 2008

Trunk or treat!

On Thursday morning, Big Man awoke with a smile, dressed  in his furry alligator suit, and then  headed off to school for his class's "Fall Festival" celebration.  All morning long the kiddos decorated cookies and drank orange kool-aid and sang pumpkin-y songs as they celebrated all things autumn.  Then, at the close of their day, they headed out to the parking lot where parents were waiting to hand out goodies to their little ones.  Bub and Noh-man dressed up themselves-- Bub as Michael Phelps and Noh-man as a medieval knight.  They had a grand time handing out treats to the preschoolers as they paraded past our van.  I think they even managed to sneak a goody or two for themselves!  Naturally, Big Man walked away with a sack full of candy (I think it's half gone already!) and a big toothy smile on his little alligator face... he had fun! 

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