Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Melt my heart

My evening in a nutshell: for 20 minutes this afternnon I sat in line at the pharmacy window but was forced to drive away before ever reaching the window (aargh!), otherwise Noh-man would be late for swim practice.  After dropping him off I ran a quick errand with the other 3 kiddos and then delivered Bub at soccer practice.  Big Man, Lolli and I watched for the first 20 minutes and then left to return to the pool for Noh-man.  At that point, we were supposed to head home, but Hubby called and, due to a meeting-run-late, he would not get home in time to pick up Bub.  So... guess who had to return to the fields?  Now, did that "silly" soccer coach (and you know that's not the word I'd like to use) have supper waiting for him at home??  Evidently not, because he absolutely refused to end practice, even though the sun had completely set and I could barely see my own hand in front of my face.  Meanwhile, Lolli-- starving-- was crying in the back seat, my crockpot meal was burning, and my bladder was screaming for relief.  

By the time we finally pulled up the driveway, it was 7:30 and Hubby was doing everything within his power to get dinner on the table. Still, I found it necessary to dash around the kitchen like a woman possessed when, all of a sudden, out of the clear blue, my precioius 4-year old piped up... 

"Mom, do you know how much I love you?"

I stopped what I was doing and looked over at my smiling babe. "No, Big Man, I don't.  How much do you love me?"

"As far as Africa..." and then a big, big hug~ 

Oh.my.goodness... I do not deserve this precious boy.  Oh, how he makes my heart melt...
Thank you, heavenly Father, for your many blessings~ You are so good!


jeremy said...

That's why God allowed us to have children... to remind us how much He loves us. I sit with tears in my eyes, remembering when mine have done something so similar.

Have a good night.


Katie said...

awwww, I bet you wanted to just squeeze him to death! well, you know what I mean. I just kind of teared up reading that.