Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My budding poets

A few weeks ago, as I was reading through my friend's blog, Sixty toes, I stumbled across a terrific autobiographical poem in one of her posts.  Written by her 9-year old son, Charlotte-- naturally-- loved it and wanted to share it with her readers. Evidently Andrew had written the poem in school, and while I wasn't sure how much guidance he and his class mates received, I loved the idea and thought the basic framework would be easy enough to adapt.  So that's what I did.  I then passed along the assignment to my oldest two, and after a bit of thoughtful reflection, they both created fun, insightful poems.  Here are their finished products~

Curious, athletic, thoughtful, and talented
Brother of [Bub], [Big Man], and [Lollipop]
Lover of family, Jesus, good books, and swimming
Who feels energetic, special, and hungry
Who needs a new soccer ball, more tools, and a professional pair of binoculars for bird watching
Who gives gifts, friendship, and love
Who fears tornadoes, fires, and bears
Who would like to swim in the Olympics, play the piano, and go back to Disney World
Born in Portsmouth, Virginia


Funny, charming, athletic, and helpful
Brother of Lollipop, Big Man, and Toothless Joe
Lover of swimming, Jesus, and family
Who feels mighty and tired and blessed
Who needs more XBox games, a motorized scooter, and more brothers
Who gives joy, laughter, and friendship
Who fears the End Times, sharks, and spiders
Who would like to win Olympic gold medals, travel the world, and drive across the USA in a Ford GT
Born in Portsmouth, Virginia


60 toes said...
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gretchen said...

Looks like Bub wants more brothers... any thoughts on this?????? ;o) Would love to see a set of triplets in there.

miss you

gretchen said...
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60 toes said...

very fun, glad that we inspired you.