Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My momma

This is my mom...
She's the most wonderful woman I know.
Generous, thoughtful, helpful, encouraging, patient, kind, tender-hearted, gracious, compassionate, selfless, and loving.
She's all these things and so much more~

I love you, mom!
Happy Birthday!

You are my inspiration and my greatest role model;
Thank you for being the mother I long to be~


gretchen said...

I second that... I love you momma R. Happy Birthday!!!!


SKELLER said...

Hmmm, a page showed up in my Google Reader that's not showing up on your blog yet. But I'm jumping up and down in excitement for you, if the photos mean what I think they mean.... :-D

Beth said...


Thank you for the sweet comments. I scrolled down and saw the cutest deer. He is so tiny!

BTW, I love your picture in your header that flower is just beautiful.