Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tub time

After spending a few hours at the very hot & muggy soccer fields this afternoon, my little people were all in desperate need of a good, hot bath.  The layer of sweat and grime covering each of their bodies was likely an inch thick, and possibly even thicker than that on my oldest two (who actually played in the soccer games while the rest of us just watched).  I don't think "disgusting" adequately describes their physical condition (and I really do mean that in the nicest possible way).  So... Noh-man headed up for a shower right when we arrived home while Bub opted to wait until bedtime.  That left only two in need of parental involvement and the task of bathing precious Lolli-lu first fell in my lap (Hubby offered to take care of the kitchen for me and I wasn't about to turn that down!). 

Fortunately, Lollipop loves the tub and tonight was no exception. Even though she was already super-tired, she perked right up when her tiny little tush hit the water.  I started scrubbing right away because, like her three brothers, Lolli is good 'til the last drop... when she's done though, she's done, and no amount of coaxing will convince her to change her mind.  Well, no sooner had I washed her hair than Big Man waltzed into the bathroom, naked as a jay bird, thinking it was his turn in the tub.  He soon understood that he'd have to wait until his sister was done and that wasn't a problem for him-- he liked the idea of playing with her from the side.  After a moment or two, however, I got to thinking... why not let him climb in??  After all, Lolli sits upright very well, and I'd be right there for every second of their time together, so why not??  Big Man, of course, thought this was a tremendous idea, so in he climbed, ready for the start of something new-- fun in the tub with his sis.  

Mosby came in several times to see what the commotion was all about~ 

And even Nannie peeked in once or twice to see what was going on...
Needless to say, a good-- yet very exhausting-- time was had by all. 
 Once out of the tub and dressed in her p.j.s, Lolli was out like a light in less than 5 minutes.  I think we just might have "tub time" more often!

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