Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A fall harvest

Tucked along the edge of the Shenandoah Valley, a 200 year-old apple orchard sits and welcomes apple lovers of all ages to come and reap the bounty of its land.  Planted with a wonderful variety of trees (most of which are now laden with ripe fruit), the orchard boasts beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains and over 30-acres to explore and enjoy.  The boys and I visited one day last fall with Big Man's preschool class, and this morning we set out once again for this annual field trip to the hills. 

And what a fabulous trip we had!  The Lord blessed us with a gloriously beautiful morning-- I don't think there was a cloud in the sky-- and a breath-taking backdrop for our time of togetherness and fun.  The boys loved running through the trees and eagerly stretched on their tippy-toes to twist apples from their branches while Lolli contentedly cruised along in her stroller.  We gathered our treasures by the bag full and even discovered a few other appley-yummies in the Harvest House before we left.  Grandmom (we're so glad you came with us, Mom!) filled bags of her own to take home and we both even purchased a few pumpkins to grace our front doorsteps.  Now, with apples coming out of our ears, or so it seems, you know what's next on our docket... a homemade apple pie... or two!  


60 toes said...

looks like fun (and yummy too)

gretchen said...

let us know when you're making the pie. we'll make arrangements to be up that weekend. :)

miss you guys.