Monday, September 29, 2008


Simple, healthy, whole-grain goodness...
And Lolli's newest treat.

For several weeks now, Lolli's been eating (and loving!) solid foods. You know, the Gerber kind. If she had it her way, I'm sure she'd be gobbling up everything we eat, as well; a toothless mouth, however, sort of prevents that from happening. Well, the other day I decided to offer her a few Cheerios (one at a time, of course) to see what she'd do with them. First, she was amused by these tiny oddities-- they were fun little toys. Once she discovered their yummy taste and texture, however (because-- naturally-- they soon ended up in her mouth, just like everything else she gets her hands on), her precious face lit up with delight. These were not just new little play things; they were perfect little snacks for her itty-bitty hands... a whole new world at her fingertips!

And isn't it just that way with wee ones?? It doesn't take much to make them happy... a plastic spoon, an empty cup, a tupperware lid, a discarded box, and now, a little round cheerio. Oh, if only it could always be this easy!

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