Friday, September 12, 2008

Reason to home school #152

Once Hubby and I get the kiddos down for the night, my normal routine looks like this: I tidy up the kitchen and organize the laundry pile (notice I didn't say "eliminate," just organize-- to make it look like there's less), I let the dogs out and then straighten the family room. When that's all done, I usually spend a few minutes unwinding in front of my computer (it really does work for me).   Normally I try to catch up on email and reserve a few books at the library; I prepare a bit for school the next day and sometimes I even do a little window shopping at Amazon.  My favorite part, though, is a little treat I save for the end... a short little spin through Blog land.  I like to check in on a few of my favorite blogs to see what's new in other little parts of the world.

Well, last night I stumbled across Camille's blog at Herding Ducks and laughed. out. loud.  Like myself, she's a home schooling mom, and at the top of her blog she shares her reason for keeping her little ones at home.  Of course, families make this choice for many different reasons; they are far too numerous to list here.  Camille, however, has summed up most of them in 1 succinct little sentence.  Here it is:

"I homeschool because I've seen the village... and I don't want it raising my kids."

Isn't that a hoot??  I just love it!  Can it possibly get any clearer than that??  No, I don't think it can :o)

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