Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little more of the birthday boy

Since Big Man's birthday fell mid-week, Hubby and I decided to have our little family party on Saturday when our out-of-towners could be present.  Poppa had not yet departed for South Dakota so he was able to make it (we missed you, though, Granmoggie!); Grandmom & Pops drove up for the weekend, too, and Hubby's sister and her crew traveled across town to slam down some pizza and Batman cake with us all. It was a boisterous and festive crew here at the ranch, but what else can one expect from 7 excited kidlets and a handful of hungry adults? 

At first I was prepared to chronicle the entire celebration here.  After giving it some thought, though, I decided to just post a few of my favorite Big Man birthday shots.  After all, it's not every day that my little guy turns 4!

A very happy Batman (assuming, of course, that Pops will share the title)~

 My wounded warrior...  
Fortunately, band-aids are like butter-- they always make it better.
Uncle Dave would be proud... UVa goodies top each of the boys' "lists"~

And who'd have guessed that Big Man's new bike would be "cooler" than his brothers because it has 4 wheels instead of two??
Oh, how I love the wonders of childhood!


Katie said...

He is such a cutie pie!!! I love reading your blog!

gretchen said...

Chops is sitting on my lap asking for more "big man" but used his real name. Yesterday Monkey cried cuz he wanted to drive up to your house to celebrate. Real tears. You live "WAY" too far away! If your husband ever takes a job farther away from there there will be trouble! and not just from me. :)

jeremy said...

Happy Birthday Big Man!!!

The Gray family misses seeing you regularly, but we love you and hope that you had a great celebration and pray that you have a fantastic year to come!

Happy Birthday!

(and hi to all the other Klipps as well!) :-)