Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A metamorphosis, of sorts

Over the past two years, Hubby has been very impressed with the talented men and women who have partnered with him on his various work projects. Some of them have been the topic of our dinner conversation on several occasions (all good things, of course); others deserve to be honorary family members for as much as I know about them. Well, this past Friday night Hubby and I attended a company get-together and I had the privilege of finally meeting this merry crew. And it was a delight! Each and every one not only met, but exceeded, my expectations and made it very clear to me why Hubby enjoys his job so much. If any of you are reading this post-- thank you. Thank you for making Hubby's work environment such a great one, and thank you for the many kindnesses you've shown our family along the way. I was truly honored to meet you all.

That said... the idea for the photos in this post I cannot claim as my own. This one's all yours, Sayli! You got the wheels turning in Hubby's head; you get the credit.

So here we go~ Hubby's facial hair, lovely as it was (blegh!), needed to come off. He asked that we document the transformation, one itsy-bitsy step at a time. So, camera in hand, we did just that. When I last saw him, there was only a teeny bit left; hopefully it, too, will disappear soon!


gretchen said...

Oh Chris - I'm with Heather... it needed to go. Next time maybe you should shave your head instead of trying to grow it on your chin. You certainly could disguise yourself with that. Maybe Jeremy could give you some tips on growing facial hair... he's a pro you know.

gretchen said...

sorry - it's supposed to say that you COULDN'T disguise yourself with that.

jeremy said...

Fu Manchu! Fu Manchu! Fu Manchu!
Well, actually the correct name is a horseshoe moustache (see the authority), BUT it's much more fun to say Fu Manchu.
I say "Go for it" Chris!
(I know, I know, I know way too much about facial hair!)