Sunday, September 7, 2008

A puppy reunion

Throughout Mosby's adoption process I've come to realize that the staff at the Humane Society really wants happy families and happy, well-adjusted pets (and to that I say, amen!).  To help achieve this goal, they provide free puppy obedience classes to their adoptive families.  In nice weather, these classes are held in a large field on the front edge of their property; on rainy days, the group heads indoors.  Well, our first session was scheduled for yesterday, so as Tropical Storm Hanna zoomed up the coast, we traipsed up the long gravel drive to the barn-- in the pouring rain-- to learn how to train our pup.  

What we saw when we walked in to the room was this little darling:
Meet Smokey (in the red collar), Mosby's brother.  That's some resemblance, huh?  His front toes are gray and the white patch on his chest is much smaller than Mosby's, but other than that, you'd have a very hard time telling the two apart.  

A short time later, Neeco (in black) and Lulu (the golden babe)-- two of Mosby's other litter mates-- arrived for their lessons.  What a great time to have my camera on hand!
Is it possible to get four 4 and a half month old pups to pose for a picture??  It takes lots of treats and many attempts, but eventually...

Yes!  It can be done.  Is this a handsome bunch, or what?

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