Thursday, August 21, 2008

Time for a make-over

In two days we leave for vacation. The day after we return, we start school. That very same week, swimming and soccer resume, and between those 2 sports alone, we have a practice or a game every day of the week. On top of that, Big Man starts preschool and all 3 boys start AWANA and co-op. The perfect time to undertake a new project? Why not?!

It's time for a make-over, and no, not for me (though it does sound like tons of fun!)... for the kitchen. It's time to finally rid this house of the 1980's floral that's been adorning the kitchen walls and the busy blue vine in the adjoining hallway. Mom and I took the plunge yesterday and started peeling like crazy, and hubby even joined in the "fun" last night after work. We started off on a high note as the border strip and the striped kitchen paper came down very easily. The vine in the hallway, however... not so much. Progress there has been painfully slow, but we're making progress nonetheless. (Sorry, G, that I wasn't able to save any for you-- I know you've had your eye on this stuff for a while!)

In this little hallway, we're only taking the top portion off as beadboard will cover the rest. It's amazing just what a difference a little bit makes-- I can actually see white walls! Oh, I can't wait 'til it's done!
Here's Mom, always the hardest worker in the bunch. Thanks, Ma, for all your help-- I wouldn't be getting this project done without you!

Nannie is completely unphased by the work in progress. Wallpaper is coming down all around her and still she sleeps.
So, there you have it. Lots still to do, but that's ok; we're getting there. Wallpaper-be-gone will surely be the theme of these next two days. Well, that and packing.


gretchen said...

Oh no! - not that gorgeous wallpaper!!! I'm so bummed. Nothing like stressing yourself out right before vacation.... does that mean no wordless wednesday next week? I'll have to live without goggles and grace for a whole week??? Have fun.
Love you guys - g

PS - Hi Grammom Ruth!

jeremy said...

I could care less about that crazy wallpaper, BUT...

are there any brass/gold-tone fixtures of any sort that might be coming out during this makeover???

just keep me posted - you know how I love those!