Friday, August 15, 2008

"Mom, she's not falling!"

That's what I heard from across the room as Big Man watched in fascination.  For several days now, I've been very intentional about working with Lollipop in this area-- as her 6 month birthday came and went, I realized that I had not been giving her enough floor time (translate== too much in-Mommy's-arms time), so I determined to help her "practice" every day until she was able to sit on her own.  Well, yesterday, Lolli was playing contentedly on her mat when Big Man decided to work with her himself.  I watched as he tenderly raised her to a sitting position and then... let go! (I wasn't expecting that!) Fortunately, her "practicing" had paid off... she was sitting up all by herself!  I managed to grab my camera in the nick of time~  
  Well... she's almost topple-free.  Every once in a while she'll reach too far for a toy and, oops...
wind up horizontal!
But Big Man is always ready to set her upright again :o).  He's a wondeful big brother and a super helper... most of the time!
Now that Lolli can check "learning to sit" off her to-do list, I'm sure she'll be moving on to bigger and better things... I just don't think I'm ready for a crawler!!  Hopefully I'll be able to enjoy a few months of stationary-Lolli, but with 3 active brothers around, she just might surprise us and launch forth sooner.  You know what they say-- ready or not...!

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Pops said...

Great stuff, Heath...hard to believe you have Big Man training Lolli!
Have a geat weekend...don't forget to watch swimming. Love, Pops