Friday, August 22, 2008

Simply the best

Exactly one year ago today I said goodbye to my very best friend, Jackson, as he lost his battle with a nasty, incurable disease.  I never saw it coming... one day he was here, seemingly strong and healthy, and then 6 days later, he was gone.  Gone.  How was it possible?  I knew that, without a doubt, the days and weeks ahead would be terribly difficult to endure; I never would have guessed, however, that one year later the pain would still be so fresh.

I miss Jack terribly; eleven years together was simply not enough. Oh, what I would give to have him back...

Heavenly Father, please know that even though I don't understand, I trust You and I know that You had a reason for calling Jack home.  One day, I hope to see him again!  In the meantime,  thank you for the gift You gave our family when You gave us Jack... he truly was the best! 


jeremy said...

He was truly a gem, Heath. I miss him too. It's just not the same around the house. I remember looking for him when I came to visit. I still sometimes wait for Mattox to come around the corner.

We love you and are praying for you. Have fun on vacation. Call us when you get back.

jeremy said...

that comment was from me - not jeremy - i didn't realize he was logged in. :)