Thursday, August 28, 2008

The simple life

Life is so simple at the beach. Think about it... there's no need for television to entertain; you have the pounding surf. There's no need for treadmills and gym memberships; you have the soft white sand. There's no need for fancy clothing; t-shirts and sloppy shorts are enough. There's no need for gourmet dinners; pbj and fresh melon do just fine. How I love this lifestyle! Can you just imagine living this way for the entire summer?? How fabulous would that be?! I think I'll make this addition to my ever-changing wish list: a charming summer cottage, nestled in the dunes, decorated in shades of white with soft blue accents, not too big, not too small-- just right for our summer holiday... a gal can dream, can't she??

Anyhoo, for seven years now we've been venturing south with hubby's side of the family for a fun-filled week on the coast, and each year our party grows. When we started coming here, Bub was 3, Noh-man was one, and their blue-eyed cousin was only 3 months old. Now we're up to 7 kidlets and 6 adults (we're so glad you came this year, Poppa!), and my, how neat it's been to see our number increase! Each year we need a little more space and each time we consume a little more food, but oh, is it fun!

As they do every summer, the little ones are having a ball... they've been tossed about by the waves like lettuce in a salad bowl, and still they go back for more. They've scoured the beaches in search of new and exciting treasures and have come back with goodies we've never seen here before. They'd sleep in the surf if they could; as it is, they only return to the sand when their bodies are practically screaming for a rest. It's such a treat to see them all laughing and playing together, thriving on one another's company and delighting in the wonder of God's beautiful creation. Family truly is a blessing!

Well, I'd best be on my way for now... it's hard to believe that today is Thursday. Like with most things, I find myself wondering-- where does the time go? We have one more full day on the beach before we pack up our things, load up the van, and head home. Ready for a new school year, a fresh start... and more exciting adventures to come our way!

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