Thursday, August 14, 2008

Dollar Night at the Fair

Last night was Dollar Night at the County Fair.  We were there.. along with everyone else in the world!  Last year we went on a Thursday night (we were very careful to avoid the weekends when the crowds would certainly be the worst) and the timing was perfect!  This year, however, when we made plans with our good friends from church, none of us thought to check the fair schedule.  We never thought to consider Dollar Night and just assumed we were "safe."  We were not, however, and through the course of the few hours we were there, a very firm idea grabbed hold, took root, and rattled through my head all night long... we will never go to the fair on Dollar Night again!  It's just now worth it.  It took us almost an hour to park, the lines were a mile long, and the crowds were gy-normous.   

All my grumblings aside, we still managed to have a great evening.  Good fellowship makes for a delightful time, regardless the circumstances, and the kiddos were still able to ride all their favorites-- the Hurricane, the Hi-Roller (according to Noh-man, his "worst nightmare come true"), the ferris wheel, the carousel.  We ate our $5 funnel cake (did you catch that?  5 bucks!) and drank our $2 coke (the size of a church communion cup); we smelled the smells (and boy, were there some strong odors present) and gawked at the colorful folks walking past.  If you've never been to a county fair, you must go if only for the people-watching.  It really is a very educational experience! 

I wish I had a few photos to share-- unfortunately, when I turned on my camera to take my first picture, it immediately shut down due to a dead battery.  And, of course, I had no replacement battery on hand, much to my dear husband's dismany.  He keeps reminding me that he bought an extra battery for that very reason, but have I even taken it out of the package?  Um, no.  (Note to self... charge extra battery today and put it in my camera case.)  So... no photos of the bright lights or the gorgeous almost-full moon or the boys laughing at near-hysteria heights.  It's so fun to watch them let go and enjoy the delights of childhood... 

It really was a fun, fun time; we look forward to going back again next summer-- it's become a tradition now and who am I to break tradition??  If any of you have any interest in going with us, we'd love to share the experience with you.  And no worries... we won't be going on Dollar Night!


SKELLER said...

Oh, I agree - fairs are worth the price of admission for people watching alone!! We went to our local fair about a month ago. On a Tuesday. And even then it was crowded. ('course, it was free kids day...)

gretchen said...

of course you would go to Dollar night at the fair last night... you know why they made last night dollar night??? Because Phelps wasn't swimming, of course. They knew that people would come. :)

Boy do I have news for you.... Keep updated on my blog and I'll hopefully have some super pics. And no, I'm not in a family way. :)