Thursday, August 7, 2008

Camp Grandmom, Part 2

In addition to building projects of any kind, there are many other aspects of "Camp Grandmom" that the boys absolutely love. One of them is the river (though now, due to near-drought conditions, it more closely resembles a gently rolling stream). It borders Mom and Dad's property, and when weather permits, the boys love to stroll down the mountain so they can crawl upon the rocks that line its bank. Oftentimes they are able to play in the river and wade from sandbar to sandbar, but this past weekend the water level was so low that they just watched from the edge and stayed dry (wahoo!). Big Man found several night crawlers living among the cracks, but he didn't want to pick them up; he asked Bub to do that for him.

After climbing back up the driveway, Big Man found the paint ball guns and enjoyed a little (pretend) target practice in the backyard. Grandmom kept reminding him not to point the guns at people, but sometimes it's just too tempting. After all, how can he possibly wipe out all the "bad guys"if he can't point the guns in their direction?

To top things off, the boys got to hang out with one of their very favorite guys in all the world, Uncle Dave. Together they played the XBox (daddy played, too, but Pops escaped and took a rest) and ate hot wings (Pops didn't miss that one!) and just enjoyed being silly all weekend long. Uncle Dave, you rock!

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