Monday, January 5, 2009

Winter Olympics, here we come

... or not. 

No, after our adventure yesterday, I'm certain we won't be heading to the winter games any time soon :)  Not that I ever thought it was a possibility, of course; now I just know for absolute sure that it's definitely not in the cards.  

It was a lovely afternoon for January-- not too cold, no rain... so the boys and I walked up our street to the outdoor ice skating rink for some fun on the ice.  We never went skating last winter (my oldest two have not let me forget it... evidently, birthing a baby in February is no excuse for not taking a few spins around the rink), so I wanted to make sure we had at least one session under our belts before too much time passes.  Believe it or not, all three boys did extremely well, though none are very graceful on the ice (they get that from me!). I'm not sure I really want graceful boys, though... so no worries! 

Anyhoo-- I was a bit concerned about Big Man before we started.  He'd never been ice skating before, and-- truth be told-- skates have never been his thing.  In my opinion, ice skating is much more difficult than the standard roller variety, so I was anticipating the worst.  He surprised me, however, and was quite the trooper.  Of course, it took us close to 15 minutes to make it half way around on our first lap (I'm talking about me and Big Man-- hand in hand with each other and the railing), and wouldn't you know it?  Just as we made it to that half-way point (you know, the very farthest spot from the rink entrance), one of the employees announced that it was time to clean the ice (the Zamboni was waiting in the wings), so everyone needed to quickly clear the rink. 

Quickly??  Was he serious??  Um... yes.  So we scrambled our way around the rink and, believe it or not, we weren't the last ones off! 

Noh-man spent a fair bit of time on his tush-- some by choice, some... well, not so much.
A race, too close to call~
Exhaustion aside, it was a fun, fun afternoon!
And needless to say, my not-at-all-graceful skating dudes are anxious to return~

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