Friday, January 9, 2009

Intergalactic warfare, another way

Just when I think I've seen it all, something new and intriguing comes down the pike that blows. my. mind. In the past month alone, I've mentioned on numerous occasions that I simply cannot imagine what they (whoever "they"are) will think of next.  So, as this relates to us-- wild & crazy Santa left a Wii under our tree on Christmas morning, and let me just say one more time... technology truly is amazing these days!

Since Christmas, the boys (both large and small) have had oodles of fun, battling one another in one form or fashion.  Some games have been fairly easy to learn; others... not so much.  Grandmom proved very quickly that she is indeed the indisputable bowling champion of the world, and the boys have enjoyed vying for first place in Mario Kart.  Racing games never get old, I'm learning, and when you have cool steering wheels to drive with... even better!  We've also enjoyed a good chuckle or two on account of that game-- the guys have tackled the road ways together on several occasions as the competitive spirit in this house continues to spur them on. Just the other night Chris, Noh-man, and Big Man were racing together, and poor Chris never knew which "guy" was his until after Noh-man had already won.  All along he'd been"racing" Noh's character, or so he thought, and yet he kept wondering why his remote control wasn't responding properly to his commands. Needless to say, by the time he figured out which guy he belonged with, the race-- for all intent & purposes-- was over; he came in dead last.  

Thanks to Uncle Dave & Aunt Wilma, the boys have another challenging favorite-- Star Wars: The Clone Wars (thanks Uncle Dave & Aunt Wilma).  The title alone captured the boys' interest immensely, but when they opened the lightsaber attachments, well.... let's just say they rejoiced with exceeding great joy.  

So it's Star Wars, Wii-style, in our house these days (and at Grandmom & Pop's house as seen in the pics below).  Sometimes Big Man and daddy battle the Dark side together,  
and sometimes Noh-man and Bub take their turn.

And sometimes, Big Man decides to take care of it all by himself~


SKELLER said...

Wii and Light sabers?!? Sure to be a smashing success!

Anonymous said...

love the pictures. hope the boys are practicing their bowling moves. are they ready for a rematch? lil'granny will be there soon. love to all .