Thursday, January 29, 2009


Wonder of all wonders... we all awoke Tuesday morning to a yard blanketed in snow!  Immediately the boys started begging to go outside (they were afraid it might melt if they waited too long!), and how could I argue with that?  Our first snow of the season... surely school work could wait a bit!  So I dressed Lolli in her new raspberry pink snowsuit (I know it looks red in the photos), and the boys hopped quickly into their gear, anxious to drag their sleds from storage.  

They played.  And they played.  And they played some more.

By day's end, we all climbed into bed, exhausted.  All the extra outdoor activity tuckered us out, but no worries at all... the boys slept beautifully and awoke fresh on Wednesday morning, ready to attack the outdoors once again!


SKELLER said...

Wow -
that's some serious snow gear!! And some serious amount of goodtimes going 'round!! love the last group shot :-)

Deanna said...

Yes, I remember you! In fact, I found your blog yesterday from Gretchen's! Awesome to hear from you again!

You added a little one too it looks like! Our baby boy, will be 2 in March. We are getting ready to move to NC in May. Let's keep in touch!

ps are you on facebook?