Saturday, January 3, 2009


There's a new dog in the family! Well, sort of.  This handsome guy is Sam ("Angel dog," according to dad), the newest four-legged addition to "Camp Grandmom."  Mom & dad adopted him from their local SPCA on the 26th, and since that time, mom has spent more time in the backyard tossing tennis balls than she's ever done before.  This guy loves to fetch, and somehow or other, that nose of his tracks down tennis balls that have likely been hidden for years.  Just when mom thinks she's confiscated every last one (so that he'll actually lie down and rest), he pops around the corner with another slobber-soaked jewel in his mouth.  In addition to a wonderful new companion, mom will also have the best toned right arm this side of the Appalachians for all the pitching she'll be doing in the weeks and months to come! 

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gretchen said...

Oh - hooray! What a great name for a dog. Maybe he'll eat people food while my Sam eats dog food.
I'm sure that your folks are loving having another dog around the house. I'm sure that Beau loves it too. Hopefully, someday soon we'll get to meet him. We still have to meet Mosby.