Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mission Organization

For quite some time, I've had a not-so-tiny bee in my bonnet. You see, when we moved a year ago, we downsized tremendously, but crazy enough, our belongings did not. Add to that the fact that both Chris and I are pack rats, and you've got yourself a very crowded, stuffed-to-the-brim reality. So, with a new year upon us and some spare time on my hands, I decided to tackle a few of those long-neglected areas.

My mission: declutter, streamline, simplify, and organize.

Fortunately, super-cooperative Chris helped, and as a result, that niggling bee is not nearly so annoying.

  • Before recruiting Chris, I tackled our pencil drawer in the kitchen. Now to most, this might seem a very miniscule thing. To me, however... a very type-A, orderly, perfectionist sort, this was a huge deal. I open that drawer a gazillion times a day, and every time, a muddled mess is what I find. For too long I've been forced to ignore that unsightly scene, but now? It's a mess no more! I accomplished my mission and that drawer is now a thing of beauty.
  • Next, I dragged Chris into my whirlwind and together we attacked his closet. Everything came out, and only a select handful returned. The rest, stuffed inside a massive garbage bag, found itself at our church's clothing ministry shop on Saturday night. Woohoo!
  • On to Chris's dresser-- same process as above; same result :)
  • The boys' room-- aahhh, the boys' room. That one's going to take a while, but the mission is underway...
  • Thanks to Pops & Grandmom (thanks, mom, for the hooks, and thanks, dad, for your help), the knoll post is no longer home to all our jackets and coats. Nope-- my row of hooks is now hanging in the hall outside our laundry room and it looks fantastic! I've been anxious to get this little project completed ever since last winter (call me crazy-- I just don't care for a mile-deep pile of outerwear stacked on my banister or littering the floor beneath!), so its completion is actually a big deal to me :)
  • The laundry room-- mom and I rearranged and organized that monster before Christmas. Chris finished the last brutal step on Friday and now I can wash our clothes in peace. It's the little things, you know?
  • I have still have a bit to do (like the the linen closet, Lollipop's closet, and my school supplies cabinet in the family room), but that's ok... the prospect of more projects for this organizationally-obsessed gal is invigorating!

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Anonymous said...

when you're done your projects feel free to come on down to the campground. love always.