Saturday, December 20, 2008

Our family photo

So I finally accepted the fact that Christmas really was coming. In order to adequately prepare, though, a few things needed to get done in advance. At the top of my list... Christmas cards (which I'm just now getting in the mail, for goodness sake). I honestly can't remember if we even sent any out last year-- how bad is that??-- so this year, I figured we'd need a current family photo for those who enjoy seeing how the children have grown (hopefully they'll ignore the extra pounds Hubby and I are still toting around). So, nothing fancy, nothing out-of-this-world... just a picture that included all 6 of us, and if we could all manage to look relatively happy, that would be a nice bonus! Of course, the mere thought of a photography session did not thrill my 4 men, but thankfully, they played along once I promised it wouldn't take long.

Thanks to Pops & Grandmom, we eventually succeeded in producing a keeper. For everyone's cooperation, though, we still ended up with some real "winners"... those few that just didn't make the cut~

Unfortunately-- try as I might-- I just couldn't get this last one to rotate. I figured that for the sake of my post, though, I'd include it; it's just too good to leave out :)

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