Friday, December 12, 2008

Music to my ears

Any parent with children of decorating-the-tree age knows that inevitably, all the ornaments end up on the bottom fourth of the tree, and all of them are situated-- smack-dab-- on the front. None on the sides, none on the back... just whack, right there... actually touching each other, they're so close. Some are even sharing the same, worn-out branch~

With that in mind...

Imagine my delight when, this morning, Noh-man comes downstairs, walks over to the Christmas tree, and asks, "Mom, do you think we should spread out some of these ornaments that are all squished together?"

aahhhh... just what this very-orderly, symmetrically-minded mother's been longing to hear. It's like sweet, sweet, music :)

1 comment:

60 toes said...

I hear you LOUD and clear. :)