Tuesday, December 23, 2008

7 smiles, sort of

Every time we get together with Leslie and her crew, we attempt to get a group photo... all of the cousins in one place at one time. We've been collecting photos of the kids together over the years, and now that we're up to 7 between our two families, the job of catching a great shot has turned into quite a challenge. On most occasions, we're just lucky to keep all 7 seated long enough to click the camera!

This past Sunday was no exception. After a lovely evening at their church Christmas musical (the girls did a wonderful job!) and potluck dinner, we all returned to our house for the kids' gift exchange and a few more minutes of play. Before parting ways for the night, Les and I both caught a few snapshots of the gang on the sofa-- they're all there, and I think each child even smiled at one point or another (though alas, never all at once!).

Mosby didn't care too much for all the hub-bub... he slept through the whole thing!

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