Sunday, December 7, 2008

Faster and faster every time

The highlight of the weekend, however, had nothing to do with the complex; it had everything to do with our racing machine... once again he proved that perseverance and determination really do pay off.  
  • In 5 of his 6 races, Noh-man dropped time (almost 4.5 seconds in his 100 freestyle!)
  • In 3 of those events, he took first place, and in the other 3, he came in second 
  • And those boys that beat him to the finish line, they were 8; Noh was the fastest 7 year-old in the water.
As always, it was a real joy to watch our boy compete.  Noh-man loves swimming and takes his racing very seriously.  He gives it everything he's got and is a real sport, both in and out of the water... he truly is a winner in every imaginable way~

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Katie said...

So cute!!! Congrats Noh-man!!