Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas day, here & there

This year, Chris (that's Hubby) really wanted to spend Christmas morning in our own home. So after a lovely Christmas Eve church service, the kiddos climbed in to their own beds and fell fast asleep, dreaming all the while of goodies they'd find beneath the tree the following morning. Chris and I, however, did not crawl in to bed at an early hour. No, we stayed up late wrapping presents (none had been wrapped before this point) and practically tore the house apart as we searched in vain for a gift we were sure we'd purchased.

In the wee hours, we finally dragged our exhausted bodies to bed, but were met with a surprising treat on Christmas morning-- the boys slept until 8:00! We couldn't believe it! Boys sleeping until 8?? Whoever heard of such a thing? I remember rising before the sun on Christmas morning when I was young. One year, Dave and I even crept through the upstairs (while mom & dad slept) and changed all the clocks so that dad would think it was later than it really was... I don't know if he bought in to our trick, but I do remember him climbing out of bed while we giggled like mad at our own clever ruse :) Fortunately, my crew has not yet devised plans such as that one!

Anyhoo... 8 am rolled around and the boys were ready to open presents. Once Chris brewed a pot a coffee and Lollipop roused from her slumber, the boys flew down the stairs and the gift-opening- extravaganza began. We had a grand time, and the best part of all (if you were to ask the boys)-- they knew round 2 was coming later in the day once we arrived at Grandmom and Pop's house!
So, Christmas here~

And Christmas there~

A picture-perfect day, all the way around!

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