Thursday, December 18, 2008

A horse, of course

For weeks now, Big Man's preschool class has been diligently preparing for the production of their Christmas play, "Who's Coming to Our House?" Earlier this month, the teachers assigned each child a part, and Big Man ended up with the role of a stable horse.  Since that time, he's been reciting his line over and over and over again on a fairly regular basis, and though he's known the words for ages now, none of us actually expected him to say those words during the show. (Last spring, during his end-of-the-year program, Big man completely froze.  He didn't utter a single word or sing a single note.  Not one.)

So, this morning... we all anxiously awaited Big Man's moment to shine, and when his turn finally came... he delivered his line with all the gusto a 4 year-old can muster-- "I will nose the door ajar."  I nearly cried!  What a wonderful surprise and what a fabulous treat, and what a great way to usher in Christmas week!


gretchen said...

Yeah! Josh's program is today. He's singing Twinkle, twinkle special star. Remember that one? I think Noah was exasperated with me after I asked him to sing it over and over again when he was in preschool. I get to hear it today from the mouth of my babe. I MISS YOU!!!

Leslie said...

Way to go, Idaho!!! Lots of love, Aunt Leslie