Monday, December 22, 2008

One more try

OK. Hopefully this video will work :)

Earlier this morning I attempted to upload a short YouTube
video that Hubby shared with me over the weekend (his boss
had passed it through the office on Friday), but lo and behold...
that clip is no longer available for some reason or another.
Fortunately, the men's chorus recorded their version of "The
Twelve Days of Christmas" at another venue and that video
is accessible.

So, here it is... a version like no other. It's good fun, I think!
Of course, as I mentioned in my earlier post (which I've since
deleted), I'm a sucker for a quality a cappella tune as it is.
Toss in a bit of the '80s influence, as these fellows did, and
the deal will surely be sealed! Enjoy~

Merry Christmas!

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