Friday, April 17, 2009


As I'm getting older, I think the days are getting shorter.  And shorter.  And shorter.  And I wonder-- is that possible?? Could there really be less time in my day now than there was, say... 10 years ago??  Is it possible that I no longer have 24 hours to call my own??  Oh, please say 'yes' because it sure feels that way :)

Anyhoo-- over the course of Easter weekend, we had a few activities on our to-do-list that needed tackling... you know, the usual Easter-y sorts of things that we do every year and surely wouldn't forsake this go round!  For days, we had talked about dying eggs (the boys love this project!) but due to various and sundry things (all good), we just never got around to it.  Finally on Sunday afternoon, church came and went as did a scrumptious Easter dinner; Lolli called it quits and crashed in her crib; the men turned on the the final round of the Masters... and the hard boiled eggs finally came out of the frig.  Mom and I summoned the boys to the kitchen to mix their colors, and as always, they dipped and they dunked their eggs in all sorts of crazy combinations... and they actually created quite a few beauties~  (and thankfully, they had a full array of colors as Big Man didn't eat a single dye tablet!)

Much fun.  Then... with the eggs drying on the counter, it was time to move on to project #2.  Here's the scoop-- a couple weeks ago, our neighbor gave us a bunny cake "pattern" that she had unearthed while cleaning out her cupboards.  Upon discovering it, she thought of the boys  and therefore gave it to us-- just in case we might enjoy putting such a thing together.  Thinking it looked like fun, Bub and I decided to give it a shot and were actually quite pleased with our results:

Then, to top off the day, mom, Wilma, and I hid 102 of those colorful plastic eggs in the garden before calling the crew outdoors for the hunt. They'd been asking about it for days (Big Man, especially) and were tickled to finally get down to business.  In no time at all, they found all but 4 (perhaps the deer will stumble across those leftovers and enjoy a belated Easter treat :) and then plunked down on the sidewalk to check out their loot.  

Blue skies, warm breezes, timeless activities... making memories with family.  There's just no better way to spend the holidays!

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