Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter... a glance back

A week and a half ago, the kids and I hopped in our tightly-packed van and drove to the mountains for a much-needed and highly-anticipated spring vacation.  Chris was out of town on travel, and we were desperate-- desperate for a break from school, from swimming, and from our normal routine in general-- so we hit the road and never looked back! 

For 10 days we were blessed with great company, fabulous eats, fun adventures, restful sleep, and a lovely time, all the way around.  We just returned home this afternoon (reluctantly!)... refreshed, restored, and so-very-grateful for family.

Dave, Wilma, D & G (their precious 7 month olds) joined us for Easter weekend, and together we celebrated this special holiday.  After church on Sunday morning, we took a few photos of the crew... unfortunately, by the time we got around to snapping a picture of the 6 grandchildren all together, Lolli was done.  Well done.  Completely over it, in fact.  As all the other little ones cooperated fully, though, she didn't have to suffer for long-- a few quick shots and we were done.  The mementos were stored for posterity, and little Lolli was off for a nap :) 

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gretchen said...

Your pictures are great. It makes me miss your parents all the more! 'sniff' Hope you guys had a great Easter! We really need to catch up. I have a lot to tell you. and no I'm not expecting. ;)