Monday, April 6, 2009

The pink bow

On Sunday afternoon, I ran a few errands while Lolli napped and the guys snacked.  Just the typical stuff-- a library in & out and the grocery store, followed by a quick drop-in to a little shop up the street.  I needed to pick up a cosmetic bag I had ordered weeks ago, and since all the littles were home with daddy, I seized the opportunity (because as any mother knows... a trip to a women's boutique with little people in tow== a recipe for disaster!).  The owner immediately handed my purchase, beautifully wrapped in a little white bag (which was stuffed with hot pink & green tissue and then tied at the handles with a delicate pink ribbon... I just love that extra touch!), and then I cruised out the door and down the street towards home.

By the time I pulled in the driveway, the guys had polished off a large canister of peanuts and two bags of Goldfish, and Lolli was awake and hungry!  I plopped her in her highchair, placed a few cheerios on her tray, and then unpacked the groceries and dropped my new bag in my purse.  Lolli and I then snacked a bit more together... and then that pretty pink ribbon, now strewn across the kitchen table, caught my eye.  Two years ago, in my pre-Lolli days, I never would have given a pink ribbon another thought (the boys aren't too keen on them, as you can imagine :), but now that I'm full throttle in little girl mode, a ribbon this pretty and pink just couldn't be tossed in the trash.  

So into Lolli's hair it went.  And she looked so precious with that floppy bow on top of her head, I just had to snap a few photos.  Here are a few:


Katie said...

Okay, she is a dollbaby!!! :D how adorable!!!! I love your pics!

gretchen said...

and the LORD knows - we never need pray about pink! the shots are adorable! She's getting so big.

Anonymous said...

What a pretty little girl in a lovely little pink bow. So glad Daddy decided pink is an ok color for his little lady. When did the curls begin to show up. Love Gramoggie

Heather said...

Katie-- Thank you so much for your sweet words!! We're praying for you :)

G-- pink is *always* God's will, right?! Grin.

Gramoggie-- don't you just love the curls??! I'm so tickled about them I could just about scream! Chris loves them , too... almost every day, he comments on how lovely they are, and every time I remind... thank your mom! And, of course, I thank you, too-- I've never had a real curl in my life but my sweet pea has them, and I couldn't be happier... wahoo!!

Leslie said...

Pretty baby! Lollipop, Lollipop, Oh Lolli, Lolli, Lolli, Lollipop, Lollipop! Aunt Leslie loves you!