Thursday, December 23, 2010

Our Annapolis tradition

So I had to hop online one last time before signing off for the Christmas holiday.
Not only am I taking a blogging break; I'm taking a *computer* break...
and oh, how the mere thought sends shivers of excitement down my spine!

Before I do however, I want to share a few more photos from our weekend in Annapolis,
a few from a very favorite spot~

This is Chick & Ruth's.

Our favorite hang-out in downtown Annapolis.

And the home of our annual challenge...
the 6-pound chocolate milkshake.
We guzzled one last year-- my crew, my folks and Chris's as well,
and this year, we vowed to do the same.
Of course, a few in our bunch wanted to tackle TWO 6-pounders,
but alas, we settled for only one. Maybe next year~

Good to the very last drop... I promise!

So should you ever find your way over to this cozy little bayside town,
be sure to hop on in...
and give me a buzz if you do.
One more chocolate milkshake *surely* has my name written all over it :)


See you next year~

and have a merry, merry Christmas!

We certainly have much to celebrate... this time of year and always~

"Arise, shine, for your light has come..."

Isaiah 60:1


gretchen said...

I LOVE that picture of your mom "chugging" the milkshake!!! In my head I could hear the chant of "Go! Go! Go1" while she slammed it down. :) So glad you had a great time - oh and is Noh man's hair being bleached by chlorine or did he highlight it? lol!

Carrie said...

I remember when you guys did this last year! How fun!! ;)

Enjoy your break! Merry, merry Christmas, my friend!!

Christine said...

What a great time it looks like you had! That milkshake looks amazing!!
I love all the fun pictures.
And I applaud you for committing to a break! Enjoy every moment of the week ahead!
Merry Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Linda said...

What delicious fun Heather and what a wonderful family time. The joy jumps right through the screen!
Have a very Merry Christmas. I am so thankful to have met you. See you in the New Year.

The dB family said...

That is AWESOME!! I love Noh-Man's T shirt too. I keep looking for one for Bub, although he has a team sweatshirt now.

A very Merry CHRISTmas to you and your family too!