Friday, December 18, 2009

Chick & Ruth's

This is Chick & Ruth's.

It's a hot-spot in downtown Annapolis...
a must-visit sort of establishment if ever you're in the area.
It's long been a favorite in my husband's family,
and now it's a favorite amongst the younger generation, as well.

Here's why:

It all started weeks ago,
before we even knew we'd be attending the swim meet at the Academy,
during an episode of Bub's and Noh-man's favorite television program,
Man vs. Food
(for those who are unfamiliar with this program, here's the deal--
Adam Richman, the host, travels all over the U.S. from one restaurant to the next,
seeking meals that stretch him to the limit,
that challenge him to his very core,
that serve up more calories from beginning to end than any normal human
should ever consider consuming at one single sitting).
At the time, Richman was broadcasting out of Chick & Ruth's
as he struggled to conquer the Colossal Challenge--
a 1.5 lb sandwich accompanied by a colossal milk shake.

Boys' note to self: we must try this this soon!

So last Saturday,
as bellies began to grumble and big people started to think about breakfast,
Bub loudly voiced his request (could there be any other?!).
And when Poppa (Chris's dad) confirmed his suggestion,
it was a done deal.

Now as a quick disclaimer let me just say this:
normally my children don't consume 1.5 lb sandwiches,
and normally we don't gulp down colossal milkshakes
(we do, however, very frequently treat oursleves to much smaller ones :).

But this was a special event,
and the ice cream lovers in the family simply refused to let it pass.

So we bypassed the sandwich.
And Bub ordered up the colossal six-pound chocolate milkshake instead.

You read that correctly.


Have a peak:

Determined to not let any go to waste,
we passed around the straws,

and we passed around the glass,

and would you believe,

we drank every last sip??

We did :)

So when can we go back for another??

6 comments: said...

Too funny! We love Man vs Food, too, and I remember the one with the huge sandwich and shake. Congrats on conquering the milkshake -- that photo of Lolli standing on the table to drink it is just too cute! Sounds like a great weekend!

Carrie said...

I *heart* your family!!! You guys are all so cute and so fun!! ;)

I thought I loved the one of Miss Lollipop standing on the table, showing off her cutsie-toes until ... I saw the one two down from it!! What an adorable expression!!! ;)

Your boys look so proud at the end - what a feat!!

gretchen said...

called you this am... praying for you, my friend... Hope you have an amazing weekend! Great pictures and great story - Golly, I miss you guys!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe we really felt the need to consume that shake, but it was fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Author !
Just that is necessary, I will participate.

SKELLER said...


family togetherness at its best!! :-)