Monday, December 21, 2009

1000 Gifts: December's blessings

As December swiftly races by, I pause to give thanks to the Father...
for His countless blessings,
for the outpouring of His love,
for His gifts that never cease.

daddy... finally home for good... after many weeks of travel

more snow than we have ever seen!

hills to sled. mountains to climb.

the generosity of my snow-covered boys, poured out on someone they didn't even know...
as they gave away one of their sleds because he didn't have one of his own

snow-packed streets. cars buried deep. shops closed tight. home-bound rest.

red faces. weary legs. radiant smiles. wonderful times.

hot cider. hot chocolate. peanut butter cookies. contentment.

one-year old hands, clasped tightly over eyes, as heads bow before mealtime for a prayer of heart-felt thanks

the Father's comfort... the Father's peace... the Father's faithfulness... every. single. time.

prayer warriors

I love you.

walks with my boys

games around the kitchen table, a movie before bed, daddy's homemade popcorn

family gathered 'round the computer.
voices raised in chorus.
Christmas hymns and songs of joy...
our church service via the internet.

a community of neighbors-- working together-- to dig out each other's cars, to scrape each other's driveways, to clear each other's steps... the selflessness of others... love in action

color amidst the gray

a reason to celebrate... His wondrous birth

the fulfillment of the Scriptures. God's Gift to mankind. Jesus, the Truth that sets men free.

and His life-giving Words:

"I am the light of the world.
Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness,
but will have the light of life."

John 8:12

Merry Christmas!
May His peace fill you beyond measure this holiday season~

holy experience

and the list continues...


Sarah said...

Beautiful post! I had to laugh when I saw the picture of your dog trying to navigate the snow. :-) We never get snow down here near Savannah, GA. I am always in awe of it.

gretchen said...

I'm jealous of all that snow -- however, I know that being snowed in isn't pleasant after the 3rd day. :) Continually praying for you. Love you sister!

gretchen said...

oh, and what book is that?

mom2six said...

"The fulfillment of Scriptures"..reminder of God's faithfulness. Great list!

Carrie said...

I bet your home is so warm and cozy! ;) I love your pictures (especially the bird in the tree), and of course, your words are so heartfelt and inspiring!

Hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas! ;)

Kit said...

I always love to read your lists! Isn't the snow fun?
Merry Christmas!

Jennifer said...

Wasn't it a ball? : )
Merry Christmas, Heather... So thankful for you.

deb said...

And I love the bird photo.
Merry Christmas !

Linda said...

I just love visiting you on mondays. There is something very special about your gratitude lists. Your sweet spirit just shines through.
You bless. Have a wonderful Christmas - filled with love, peace, joy and warmth.