Sunday, October 10, 2010



My baby is twelve... today.... 10/10/10... and oh. my. goodness.
I don't know where the time has gone!
What I would give for a Pause button, or perhaps even a Rewind...
*why* must the years fly by so quickly??
Oh, how I'd love to know.

Thankfully, God gave me this heart... this already filled-to-overflowing
yet so-much-more-to-be-contained-in heart~
for Memories. Treasures. Eternity. And Him.
Thank you, Lord.


Happy Birthday, my favorite 12-year old baby boy~

You have brought more joy to my life than you will ever know...
and I love you with all of my heart!


The dB family said...

Happy Birthday to your handsome baby!Love those photos! If you figure out how to use the pause or rewind button, will you let me know? My baby is fourteen already.


Christine said...

Happy 12th Birthday to your boy! I can't understand it either... how does it happen? My M is right behind him. Just another month and she'll be 12 too. *sigh* I've loved every age, but would gladly hit that Rewind with you. I hope you're enjoying a very special weekend! ;)
Blessings to you and yours,

Maher Family said...

Awwww happy 12th birthday!! Enjoy....they grow up so fast, right?? Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happpy Birthday Tweener!!! Gramoggie and Poppa are so glad you are a part of their lives. Gramoggie

Carrie said...

Awwww ... Happy Birthday to your oldest little man!!! I, too, wish we could slow the clock! :)

Linda said...

Happy Birthday to your precious boy! You are wise to store up these memories Heather. The time does go by far too quickly, but we are blessed to have not only the memories but the closeness and love those memories nourish. I have found that boys never outgrow those things.

Kellie said...

I hope he had a great birthday! He's a handsome young man and looks so happy. My 12 year old is quickly approaching 13, so I know what you mean by time flying. But it is such a fun and interesting age.

Jules said...

Happy Birthday to your little one! My kids are still young (5 and 3), but I know they will hit 12 and beyond before I know it! Hope y'all had a great day!