Wednesday, October 13, 2010


From Cunningham Falls State Park (that's where we camped), it's a mere 30-minute drive to Gettysburg. Since:

-- the boys and I spent several weeks studying the Civil War last spring
-- nary a one of us had ever been to Gettysburg (from my family, I mean)
-- our friends raved of their previous visit and highly recommended that we head that way
-- the 2 adult men in our party = history buffs... especially of the Civil War variety. A few hours at Gettysburg = music to their ears.

... we decided we really must go, and oh... I'm so very glad we did. The skies were blue, the mosquitoes were gone, the company was the best... we couldn't have asked for a better adventure.

Here's the abbreviated version~


Kellie said...

I love history field trips, and since I've never been to Gettysburg it's like a got to take a mini field trip through your wonderful pictures. : ) I wasn't expecting it to be so big an area.

Carrie said...

Amazing!!! Absolutely amazing!!

I am so jealous of all your great, historical field trips! If you ever think your family should study the Alamo, let me know!! ;)

The dB family said...

What an awesome trip!! It looks like it was a perfect day for it too!


Linda said...

Years ago, when my folks lived in Pa., we visited Gettysburg. It was an amazing experience.
The pictures are glorious Heather.

Christine said...

Having walked through the story of Gettysburg just 2 weeks ago I am in awe! Such glorious pictures, Heather! I especially love seeing how large (and beautiful) those rocks are at Little Round Top. Thanks for helping history come to life... I can't wait to show the girls in the morning! Much love!