Friday, June 5, 2009

A little morning merriment

This morning... hmmm.  I guess it'd best be described as an odd mixture of giddy hilarity and frustration.  Perhaps the seemingly never-ending rain (accompanied by extremely gray skies) accounted for our odd behaviors??  Or maybe our empty stomachs, desperate for a satisfying meal, affected our normal composure??  We all slept well so lack of sleep certainly wasn't the culprit.  I don't know for sure, but by golly... once the five of us hit the kitchen running-- in search of early day nourishment-- things started getting hairy.  

Thankfully, Lollipop was the one exception to our craziness.  She settled contentedly into her highchair for a bowl of Cheerios, some fresh strawberries, and then a few dry Fruit Loops for "dessert" (yes, I gave my baby girl Fruit Loops. Like I said above, it was one of those mornings already. I could tell.). 

As to why we're eating Fruit Loops at all??  Well, now that school is winding down, our cereal standards have taken a bit of a nosedive.  The boys absolutely love this specific delicacy, so when "treat time" rolls around, you know-- every once in a blue moon (or when we head to the beach on vacation)-- that's the sort we buy.  And wouldn't you know it... 16 month olds love them, too!  A little sugar, a rainbow of natural fruit flavors... who'd a thunk it??!

As for Big Man, he gobbled up his bowl of sweetened multi-grain goodness and then summoned me to the family room for a game of Dominoes.  Evidently, there's only one rule in his version of the classic-- 
"Don't let babies mess up the game."  
Easier said than done. 

Noh-man-- my very disciplined, get-it-over-and-done-with schoolworking son-- attempted to tackle his math while the rest of us crunched away on our breakfast. 
 He didn't appreciate our noise level, though, and quickly let us know.

Thankfully, once that little tirade worked its way out of his system, 
all was well with the world again :)

And of course, Bub-- my always-the-clown-around-town, Bub-- couldn't help but have a little fun (in an attempt to bring a smile to the face of "the grumpy one") with his english muffin. 
 Funny, but not appreciated by his target audience.

For the rest of the morning, we struggled to get our work done while Lolli and Big Man took every single block, wedgit, linking cube, and pattern block we own... out of their containers... on to the floor... everywhere.  Yeah.  

Next, a mad scramble to get to our dentist appointments on time.  I lost track of the clock and wouldn't you know it? When I finally asked the boys for an update, we had 8 minutes to get dressed-- all five of us (thankfully, I had already showered)-- and in the car.  Poor Lolli.  A hair brush never made it through her lovely golden tresses until after the appointment, so yes, she graced the dentist's office with bed head.  

Talking about the dentist... normally, Bub and Noh-man get their teeth cleaned at the same time.  That means a shorter wait time for us all.  And as any parent of young children knows-- a short wait time is critical!  This morning, however, we were not so lucky.  You see, two days ago I had to reschedule our appointments for next week (since we'll be out of town) and ended up with 2 slots this morning.  But wouldn't you know it?  On Fridays, there's only one hygeneist available.  Translate== Big Man, Lollipop, and I waited for 100 minutes in the waiting room-- a very small waiting room, mind you-- while the older two took care of business.  Not at the top of my really-fun-things-to-do list, needless to say :)  Fortunately, we all survived and there weren't any complications or cavities; just a leisurely cleaning, I guess. 

So, all finished there... we drove home in more rain.  Then a bit of chaos in the kitchen (as we all searched for sustenance of any kind-- we were starving!), a rain-soaked dog (he finally realized he'd have to go out to relieve himself-- the rain wasn't gonna let up just for him :), mounds of laundry piled atop the dining room table (quite the lovely centerpiece, though), more school work, more rain, a little crockpot action for dinner, tired children, and finally... a nap.  Whew!  I'm beat.  Definitely time to call it a day and it's only 2:00.

Thank goodness it's Friday-- happy weekend everyone!

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