Monday, June 1, 2009

16 months old....

... and quickly assuming the title Little-Miss-I-can-do-it-all-by-myself.  

So when she wanted to climb into the little red wagon (for one reason or another), she just emptied its contents-- all by herself--

by tossing everything aside,

 climbed carefully in, 

and then sat for a spell. 


and down.

 (oh how I'd just love to know what she was thinking!)

And then a climb back out again.

Mission accomplished.

Oh, and as a quick aside-- a 16-month old milestone of her own, I guess you'd call it... Lollipop helped me unload the dishwasher this morning.  She handed me the plates (the plastic ones) and the silverware, piece by piece, and then she took 2 plastic cups off the bottom rack, stacked one inside the other (as we normally do), and then gently placed them in the appropriate cupboard (it's one of the lower ones... for easy access for the boys), right where they belong.

So, so sweet!  Bub asked if I was crying as I watched in sheer amazement.  Nope, no tears today.  Just one awfully big smile (along with a minor ting of sadness) as I watched my littlest one take baby steps towards independence... and... gulp... adulthood.  

Why can't these days last forever??


gretchen said...

it MUST be time for another one ;-)

lots of love-

Anonymous said...

She's growing up!(and not afraid to try new things) Love the pictures. Have a great day, love to all.