Friday, June 19, 2009

Behind the wheel

The Jeep lives at Grandmom's and Pop's house. And whenever we visit, we pull it out for a ride. Or two. Or a hundred. Last week, Big Man enjoyed lots of joy rides up and down the drive... until his little sister discovered this new attraction. And then it was all over for Big Man.

Lolli commandeered the driver's seat...

and when her brother attempted to climb in beside her,

she told him no. In no uncertain terms :)

After he accepted this turn of events, he let her be. Though Lolli wasn't convinced. Frequently we caught her peaking over her shoulder, always aware of his presence... never certain of his intentions.

Once Big Man tried to convince Lolli that baseball was more fun-- surely she'd rather play with the bat??

But no. The driver's seat belonged to her!

Watch out!

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