Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning

So, winter has officially passed and spring is here to stay! The flowers are in bloom, the trees are bursting forth with new growth, and the warmer temps are now the norm instead of a very rare treat. The gentle spring breezes blowing through my windows are an absolute delight, and the sound of my children enjoying the great outdoors is truly wonderful!

Of course, with the changing of the seasonal guard, so to speak, there is a bit of a downside.

Pollen. It's everywhere. On every table, on every window sill, on the chairs, in my car, on my counters. Ugh! So as I daily run a dust rag across almost every single surface in my home, I 'm reminded-- it's that time of year again. You know, time for that ever-dreaded task-- spring cleaning! I know some folks don't see this chore as a necessity, but as a self-proclaimed organizationally-minded neat freak, I gotta tell ya-- the job may be absolute drudgery, but it feels so good once it's done! And, for any other list-makers out there... it's one more giant task to scratch off that ever-growing list! And I love scratching things off my list :)

So, for the good news. Simple Mom (I love this site!!) has decided to make spring cleaning a little more fun (is that possible??) She's throwing a Spring Cleaning Party and has provided all sorts of fantastic tips and helps to make the job a little less overwhelming. A whole schedule is available (I pasted it below), and here's the real beauty of it... bite-size pieces. Instead of attempting to tackle the entire house in one fell swoop, Simple Mom has broken the task down into manageable chucks... one room at a time. I'm going to give it a shot (the cleaning's gotta get done anyway), and we'll see... perhaps the "party" really will make the job more fun :)


Here’s the Spring Cleaning Party schedule:

Monday, May 4 - a clean sweep
Tuesday, May 5 -
the living room, part one
Wednesday, May 6 -
the living room, part two
Thursday, May 7 -
the kitchen, part one
Friday, May 8 -
the kitchen, part two
Monday, May 11 -
the bathrooms
Tuesday, May 12 -
the kids’ rooms, part one
Wednesday, May 13 -
the kids’ rooms, part two
Thursday, May 14 -
the master bedroom
Friday, May 15 -
the front entry


gretchen said...

did you buy the book Spring Cleaning for normal people? If you have, I'd like to borrow it sometime when I come up. It's the E book that Simple mom posted on her blog. Good Luck!

Heather said...

No, not yet. I'm hoping to read through some more of her past articles in my spare time (grin!), and then I'll see. Check out her site, though-- it's full of good stuff!

And have a great weekend :)