Thursday, May 14, 2009

My big Big Man

I cannot believe the school year is almost over.  Just yesterday Big Man was lacing up his brand new blue sneakers and grabbing his orange school bag for his first day back at preschool, and today... it's over!  Well, almost.  Next Tuesday is officially his last day, and that evening the 3- and 4-year old classes will present their spring spectacular. I'm not sure of the program title, but I do know that Big  Man will be playing the role of the stingray.  He's excited about his "solo" part, and thankfully, it's already memorized! 

At the bottom of the ocean the stingray flaps his wings.
But don't you get too close to him, his tail really stings!

Anyhoo, this morning the preschool classes met at the House of Bounce, an indoor play place stuffed to the rafters with inflatable moon bounces and the like.  And while the munchkins played, the parents and teachers met for an end-of-the-school-year conference.  Big Man received a glowing report from Mrs. Rouse (she's a real gem!) and is definitely ready for kindergarten.  

Kindergarten.  Kindergarten.   Yikes!  My little Big Man will be in kindergarten next year.  As I've said so many times in the past, how did that happen??  Just yesterday...

Ah well.  Summer's here.  Almost.  Bub & Noh-man still have some work to complete before we close up shop for the summer, so Big Man will have to keep up with his "schoolwork" (as he likes to call it) for a bit longer, too.  This year he's worked diligently, all-be-it in brief spurts each morning, while the older two have studied, and just as Mrs. Rouse pointed out this morning, he's made tremendous strides.  She showed me several pieces (one being a very colorful self-portrait) that he completed last September, and then she showed me his modern-day version, so to speak... the difference really is astounding!  He's met and surpassed every mile marker, and in some instances, he's even outpaced a few of the others (all of whom are older).  Pretty nifty for the youngest pupil in the class, huh?  

So from here we go... onward and upward, I guess.  This summer we'll continue to play with the Cuisenaire rods,

and we'll keep working with the magnetic letters.  Big Man already knows several sight words (which Mrs. Rouse taught the class), so we'll keep practicing those, and soon we'll start sounding out a few simple words on our own.

The lacing cards aren't his favorite, as they often require a bit more patience than he'd like to expend :) 

 and "pencil & paper time" isn't always met with enthusiasm, either.  
Funny, though... his older brothers aren't too crazy about penmanship practice; it must be a boy thing!

The pattern blocks-- those he really likes, and there's lots he can do with them,

and painting with watercolors (balloons, this go round) is always a big hit!

  These precious little handmade alphabet books are lots of fun to read.  Big Man made each one in his preschool class this year, and though he has most of them memorized, he still likes to admire his own colorful artwork!

Legos, clay, little toy gears, dominoes, checkers and so on... there are all sorts of other fun things to occupy my Big Man, when he's not too busy conquering the Dark Side, that is.  I'm certain he'll continue on his quest to rid the world of evil, one storm trooper at a time, and I'm also certain that soon-- very soon-- he'll begin to teach his little sister everything he knows (in addition to climbing up the slide, that is :).  I can't wait!

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